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while doing the exercise and there should not be e

while doing the exercise and there should not be e Picture Box
while doing the exercise and there should not be excessive pelvic tilt. If you are not careful about maintaining proper posture while doing a plank pose, you might hurt your back and spinal cord. Both crunches and plank exercises are excellent exercises for strengthening the core and attaining a flat tummy. However, doing these exercises alone without a proper total body workout that includes cardio training will not help in reducing belly fat. There are also many variations of the classic crunches and plank pose and incorporating these in your workout regimen will help you to attain a fit and healthy body. Varied exercises are devised to help develop and strengthen the varied muscles of our bodies. Of these, side plank exercises target the core muscle group and benefit all the muscles that are a part of it. These involve the obliques (the side of the torso), the abdominal muscles and the back. Along with that, they will also benefit the pelvis, shoulders and the arms. While there are several exercises that target each of these muscle groups individually, the side plank exercise will target all these groups at the same time and is therefore a great exercise form to include in your routine. There are several side plank exercise benefits. These are observed in the way that these exercises not only lead to the strengthening of the abs, back and the obliques, but also lead to developing a strong balance. With a strong core, all the basic functions of bending, lifting and stretching become easier. And while all these are the recorded
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